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Woolet Designer Edition is custom-made, genuine leather wallets. Made especially for you Learn how our hand-sewn wallets are created. Find out personalization possibilities and... Create a truly unique wallet. A Woolet Designer Edition. Truly yours.

Handmade leather wallets

Using machines is suitable for mass production, which… doesn't apply to us. That’s why our genuine leather wallets are created in Wilkami company, which specializes in handcrafted leather products. Experienced craftsmen care for their excellent making without any machines involved in the process. This makes our every slim wallet exceptional. But in reality it's you, who'll make it truly unique. In a moment you'll find out how. Now, let's take a look on...

Smoothly finished edges

In majority of leather products, the edges spoil their aesthetics. At best they are folded and stitched together, but most frequently they stay unfinished: cut, rough and ugly. There is no place for them in Designer Edition line.
Here every edge is handcrafted and painted with a few paint layers. Their processing consists of 8 steps enabling the edges to be smooth and rounded. Compare our edges to traditional ones – you can see the difference on the photos above. Only the best can afford such care for the details. Since you know how we craft our wallets, let's move on to the next section, which is...

Genuine leather wallets for men and women

Looking for personalized women's or men's leather wallet? Here you'll find them! Both men and women care about high quality and aesthetics. And both can find suitable models of wallets in our Designer Edition line. All our wallets are slim and minimalist-style and most of all - they are handmade. You can choose either small or bigger models depending on your needs. We will show you them by the end of this page. Now, let's go back to personalizing your wallet.

4 classical colours

Manual finish and care for details must have its reflection in colours of our leather wallets. You have 4 elegant shades to choose from: Brown, Black, Navy Blue and Cognac.

3 kinds of genuine leather

Besides the colour, you can also choose material used for making your wallet. Read about the kinds of leather and choose the one suiting your style. It is not the end of personalizing your wallet – in a moment we will move to the next step.
Grain pebbled leather With its characteristic pattern. Pebbled leather is known for its high resistance to scratching. It is very distinctive to touch – you will recognise it even with your eyes closed.
Venito leather Smooth cowhide which comes from the sunny region of Venito in Italy. It is soft to touch and slightly glossy. With a buttersoft tannage and aniline pigmentation the leather maintains its natural look and stays durable at the same time.
All-condition leather Smooth, semi-gloss leather. It is waterproof and resistant to mechanical damage. Additional protective layer cares for its durability. Its natural properties are not lost in the making and it is instantly recognized as high quality genuine leather.

5 colours of thread

Now it comes to take care of the character of your wallet. Which colour of thread suits your Designer Wallet best?

Even more yours, when you tag it

Think of an inscription which will be embossed on your personalized wallet. Now there is going to be no doubt that your handmade wallet is one and only. Tagging requirements are clearly defined: maximum of 8 capital letters from A to Z. The font is Roboto, 3.5 mm. Is there something else? Sure it is!


Intelligent functions Each minimalist wallet from Designer Edition series can be equipped with intelligent functions known from Woolet wallet line. All you have to do is order a Woolet Tracker to it. There is also another method – upon your request we will sew electronics inside the wallet so that it stays invisible. The construction of Designer Edition genuine leather wallets is prepared for it.
Make a gift Use our optional, handmade gift box when you want someone to feel special. We will carefully put the wallet you've ordered inside, and send it to desired address. It's elegant and minimalistic - just as our wallets are. The box itself already suggests there is an outstanding gift inside. And when the person unpacks it…


We wrap every wallet in a stylish way. It’s a matt red paper envelope. Closed with a seam, of course.

Philosophy of the Designer Edition line

Designer Edition is a return of true craft. Many companies boast about their handcrafted products, but… in fact, majority of them are made using machines operated manually… which is completely different from what we do.

We, creating Designer Edition line, go back to the roots – to precise handcrafting. There is no place for any machine in our production. Experienced craftsmen from Wilkami company use only their high skills and precision along with traditional tools. Due to them, every wallet is unique, has a soul and it is free from artificial repeatability from the machine.
When you take it in your hands you experience the craftsmanship and hours of work which were put into the creation of your wallet.

Woolet Designer Edition – A Truly Unique Wallet. Truly yours.

Choose the model

Do you like small leather wallets? Or maybe a bit bigger, but still slim and comfortable to carry? Take a look on available models and choose the one you like most!
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